Rewards & Certificate

25 May, 2021 12:45 PM

The Al Motaqadimah Schools Company and its schools have received academic accreditation from the International Accreditation Authority (IEC) for all of its 22 branches in Riyadh, Al-Kharg and Al-Ahsa, after the accreditation team has visited the company's headquarters and schools several times. The Global Accreditation Team has carried out more than 200 visits to the company and its schools with a working team of 27 educational and academic experts and a review to assess the leadership, education and resources fields of the company and its branches. The accreditation team arrived from the United States of America to visit schools headed by Dr. Kim Hussein. : Asia Australia and Middle East Accreditation Authority Vice Chairman and Operations Bureau Chief Dr. David Barnett: With accreditation of AdvancedED and Dr. Lodi van Brokwesen, Chief Innovation Officer at AdvancedED and Dr. Anne Marie Woolsey, Regional Director for the Region: Asia and Australia and Dr. Maha Bawazir: quality officer, Middle East - Asia AdvancED, continued their work for five days visiting the company and its schools


Team leader Dr. Hakim Hussein praised what he found in Motaqadimah Schools in terms of integrated educational work. What he saw in the company is a rare phenomenon in its ability to combine successful educational investment with educational efficiency and effectiveness. He congratulated the students on being able to enroll in universities in all countries of the world after they have received international accreditation, which allows the students of advanced schools to complete their studies in all countries of the world with the certificate they receive from the Al Motaqadimah Schools Company. Dr. David Barnett praised the commitment of the company's schools to policies, procedures and ethics that ensure organizational effectiveness. He also praised the emergence of the brand of Motaqadimah schools through marketing and promotional programs that support the achievement of the company's strategic goals, as well as educational projects for students that support innovation, excellence and uniqueness. Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey praised the company's Stem Certificate and the company's worldwide accreditation to all its schools, and the huge effort made to ensure adherence to the continuous improvement methodology. She confirmed that smart learning schools are the first in the Middle East to receive academic accreditation through the STEM methodology. In a letter to the company from the United States of America, Dr. Marc Elgart, CEO of Advanced Schools World Accreditation Authority, congratulated the Al Motaqadimah Schools Company and confirmed that all current and future schools of the Company have been accredited and all students from Motaqadimah schools are allowed to complete their studies anywhere in the world because they have become certified internationally by advanced schools. Al Motaqadimah Schools Company has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate : 2015 and their conformity with the standards of quality in the management of the educational system in their branches from kindergarten to secondary.